Release: Childsplay x Geechi x Young Ellens – Juppig

Today ChildsPlay releases the song and clip of “Juppig”, together with rappers Young Ellens and Geechi. Both men already jumped on a track from ChildsPlay in the form of the remix of “Tis Oké Mop”. The success of this tasted like more, which resulted in “Juppig” as the first official collaboration between the three popular acts.

“Juppig” is about being young and about living in luxury, which is magnified in the clip. “With ‘all my boys who are Juppig’ we actually refer to the lifestyle of the young, rich and famous. Enjoy what you earn, you work hard for it.” Don says about the background of the track.

‘Juppig’ comes from the English word YUP, Young Urban Professional, an abbreviation that stands for young people who are well paid and who adopt a certain lifestyle. In the clip you see the men in luxurious settings and situations that turn Amsterdam upside down and cause quite a bit of chaos in the city center. “This is the ‘Juppen’ anthem, so we wanted to increase the ‘Jupen’ behavior. Cause traffic jams in Amsterdam, walk in your silk bathrobe with cigar on the canals, the crazier the better. ” KidQ explains about the idea behind the clip.