Release: ChildsPlay x Frsh – Juppige Geintjes

Mr. Probz stopped by a sold out ChildsPlay & Friends in Amsterdam to hand out the gold record for ‘Tis Oké Mop’, one of the singles on the album, which also has featurings by artists such as Spens, Brasco in addition to ChildsPlay and Frsh , Geechi and Blow.

“The 13-track album is about the positivity that life can bring you by working hard, making those extra meters and then enjoying it to the fullest. Juppige Geintjes is derived from the word Yup, or as they say in London – Young Urban Professional. Juppig is a language of its own; good food, drinks, nice outfit for the evening, Juppige Geintjes … ”  the men tell about the idea behind this project.

“I am proud of this record. It is a period in which we have made a lot of music together ” Don refers to the collaboration of ChildsPlay with Frsh. “Not that this is the last time we work with him, but this is the project we envisioned. To see and hear it this way is briljant. ” he continues. Frsh also clearly shows that he’s proud of the end result; “How can you not be proud of this. I think we have put together something very beautiful, which you can still blast in 10 years’ time, says Frsh.

“Now comes the best part, finally sharing this with everyone.” KidQ indicates the period after the release. “Studio time and making music is great, but to see the reactions to it is priceless.” “To see the audience go crazy for something you put together from the first note … that’s the best thing there is.” Keanu complements him.