“An Unexpected Journey: “Mr. Probz Reunites with Family in Ghana for the First Time”

Award-winning Dutch musician ‘Mr Probz’, unites with his Ghanaian family.

‘Mr. Probz’ (originally born in Germany) meteorically rose to international fame in 2013 with the release of “Waves” which became a number 1 hit song in 51 countries around the world and his music has generated billions of streams.

In the years after his breakthrough, Mr. Probz continued touring the world while working with artists, such as Chris Brown, Akon, 50 Cent, Anderson .Paak, and many more.

The widespread exposure led his Ghanaian family on his biological father’s side to recognize him and track him down. For many years his father had unsuccessfully and without his knowing tried to find and contact his son, real name Dennis Princewell Stehr, while his family in Ghana had independently joined the search.

Through his music and social media they were able to finally establish contact with the singer. Ultimately it was the passing of his grandmother, that caused the reconnection and the reinforcement of the bond on all sides of the family which led to the unexpected homecoming of Dennis and for him to finally meet his biological father for the first time in Accra and reunite with the family.

While in Ghana he received his father’s blessing and visited his grandmother’s final resting place to show his respect. Dennis: “The homecoming event was a life-changing and healing experience for me as well as for the whole family.” The singer and entrepreneur shared this on his social media and included the full story on his website.