Release: ChildsPlay x Frsh – Noncha

This Friday ChildsPlay and Frsh will release the track “Noncha”. It is the second track that the producer trio and the rapper release together via Left Lane Recordings, after the first combination turned out to be worth gold (literally and figuratively) with the track “Tis Oke Mop”.

“Noncha” is about not worrying, casually going through life with a wink. ” In the track Frsh says “everything here is noncha, don’t put in effort”. I thought it was a good hook for a new track, that’s what this song eventually came from.” Keanu says about the name and origin of their new release.

The Fellas were already on the radar of ChildsPlay anyway, only they had never approached them before. “That changed after working with Eves on ‘Vibe'” says KidQ. Keanu complements him; “That clicked, after which we heard ‘Playboy’ and thought we feel this. That inspired us to connect Frsh. That’s how “Tis Oké Mop” came from the first studio session, we clicked and we continued working.”

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