Release: Mr. Probz x Dolly Parton x Galantis – Faith

Galantis releases a new song together with Mr. Probz and none other than American legend Dolly Parton. 

Listen or watch the track here.

The up-tempo track is a remake of an old classic. Probz’s addition to the project was mainly based on feeling. “My good friend Bully Songs told me in June that someone he knew, ‘Saint’, wanted to set up a project. My feeling immediately indicated that it was going to be something special. ”

An American country legend, in combination with a Dutch singer, is a surprising collaboration to say the least. “To be honest, where I grew up, Dolly’s music was not really present as her films were back then. Country music was just not often played on Dutch radio and TV.” Probz tells about his experience with the superstar. “What I do remember is that every time she appears in a movie cameo, her personality and energy always had that special vibe. You get the same thing when you listen to her voice when she sings, it is so unique. ” he concludes.