Release: YVES – Gespreksstof


Where the “victim” perspective of cheating has often been sung with success, the “perpetrators” often remain unsaid in music, unless you want to include “Oops I did it again” of course. Today YVES drops his new single “Gespreksstof”, a sensitive track that honestly and candidly reflects on cheating.

“The I person in this song realizes he made a mistake. You get older and then think differently about some things and I try to express that with this song. ” YVES explains the content and inspiration behind the single. The song is a self-reflective story, which YVES shares in the I-form. The person in the song is partly inspired by his previous relationships and partly by people around him.

“Those who can relate will understand this; ‘It is only when I have come that I come to myself, this girl takes effort, takes time, costs money. 3 things I’d rather spend on ourselves.’ Sometimes you’re completely caught-up in the moment, influenced by lust, that you don’t think anymore. Only when you have come is all lust gone and you realize that you make that mistake. Then you know that all the time invested in cheating, you could have put better in your wifey. ”

The original setup of the track did not sound like YVES releases it now. ClarxKent, the track’s producer, had a hook up. This sounded very different, but I actually heard potential in it and so we started working on it. ” he explains about the creation of the song.

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