YVES recently announced that his debut EP SADDERDAYS would be released in February. After much praise for the singles “Gespreksstof” “Medicijn” and “In M’n Hoofd“, his fans had to wait a long time for the entire project, but it is finally here. SADDERDAYS has 9 tracks with contributions from Russo and producers SHY and Clarx Kent, among others.

“SADDERDAYS is a reflection on the sad side of love and life. Not emo, but just a record for the moody and rainy days. These are personal events of myself and the people I have around me. We could have chosen to follow trends and create something that catches ear anyway, but what you hear is purely me, Clarx Kent and SHY. ” tells YVES about the idea behind the EP.

“In 2017, SHY and I already had the concept. Then we signed with Left Lane, then Clarx Kent joined and everything fell into place, which really made the EP come alive. Everything you hear, every verse, every lyric, every topic, we are completely ourselves. We put all our musical power, vibes and mindset in it. Then when Recent came in to visually bring it to life, the picture was really complete. ” he explains about the origin of the project. “

“I am proud and happy, what has been made in terms of sound. It is daring and expressive, I hope people can appreciate it. If I can inspire people with this and they say wow that track really spoke to me, it’s worth more than millions of plays. To be able to do this with the people I care about makes it really extra special for me. ” he concludes.