For the clip, the team decided to travel to Spain. You can see YVES walking through a surreal landscape, with a storm brewing in the background. It’s the rapper’s first clip after the release of his debut EP SADDERDAYS.

“Recent, who did all the visuals for the SADDERDAYS project, really outdid themselves with this video. The vibe is crazy, exactly what the track needed. And then those effects … damn! The storm is real, by the way, which didn’t make production any easier haha. We had to finish everything in a few hours or face a storm in the middle of a desert. Funny since the umbrella symbolizes the EP. ” YVES tells about the production.

BLIJF will not be the last thing we visually see from SADDERDAYS. “There is definitely more to come, but later! just wait and see. ” he concludes.

The video will be available on YouTube from March 27. Want to stay up to date? Follow @yvesxavierr or @leftlanerecordings on Instagram.